In 1999, a team of three friends, Pankaj and Aparna Kadikar along with Mr. Jayant Desai, formed Kaivalya Group.

For five years they surveyed the demographics of hilly rainforest of South Gujarat, India. Along with this, the group decided to initiate an educational program in some of the rural area schools by introducing projects for the subjects like Mathematics, English Language and Fine Arts. During frequent visits to many schools, we observed prevalent classroom confined, bookish teaching where student’s learning was negligible.

The other haunting issue for us was that in these communities, girl child was deprived opportunities for higher education in every family. Again, various socio-economical reasons are responsible for the rise in number of school dropouts, especially girls. These problems are colossal and a potent impediment to the progress of the tribal in the area. Since then we are exploring ways to promote girl’s education. With these observations, in 2003, the group of like-minded three trustees Jayant Desai, Aparna and Pankaj Kadikar decided to form Kaivalya Trust and initiated a project KEDI - A Place For Self Learning in June 2006.

Mr. Jayant Desai, the founder trustee, actively donated his time by travelling from Mumbai, to spend four days to teach Kedi students, till he passed away in July 2014.

For the first two years, the founder members went door to door to visit families of dropout girl students and pursued parents to let their young daughters continue their education. Out of few tribal families that we visited, 18 parents agreed and the journey started with the girl students of 6th standard.

Each year we continued adding next higher standard and enrolled some more new learners. The trust bought a small piece of land near Dharampur. One of the founding trustee, an Architect by profession, in collaboration with learners, designed the learning institution that includes academic and boarding facility along with mentor's quarters, cooking facility, gaushala(cowshed) multipurpose outdoor space and a small agriculture patch. Generous support from well-wishers and donors came forward.

The family that started with eighteen enthusiastic learners and three founding teachers in the year 2006, has today grown to nearly one hundred learners studying in accordance with their capability in any grade from grades 6th to 12th, guided by twelve mentors-teachers, many volunteers, active trustees along with five support staff members. It also includes fully functional computer lab, Science and Mathematics lab and modern living and dining amenities.