Nature Harmony

98% of the Kedi students belong to agrarian communities and are first generation learner in their respective families.

In accordance to the tribal way of life, Kedi promotes "Harmony with Nature" by incorporating solar steam cooking systems, solar power generation, rain water harvesting, preparing natural fertilizers and pesticides, bore-well recharge and plans to add bio-gas plant and grey water recycling, which are completely managed and maintained by the learners.

Learning Life Skills

Each learner is encouraged to take independent decision, personal responsibility and acquire interpersonal skills. They learn about peaceful social collaboration for harmonious functioning and achieving goals.

Learners of different ages work in groups taking the responsibility to run the kitchen, manage landscape of the area, gaushala (Cowshed) and organic farm apart from maintaining the cleanliness of the premise and its surroundings.

Develop interpersonal skills through interaction with volunteers; from within the country and various other countries, who spend extended period of time at Kedi.

Learners along with mentors frequently go on excursions to acquire exposure, to places of Natural, Historical and Cultural importance where they get familiar with the extensive flora and fauna varieties. The geographical differences help them to perceive the diversity.

Learning to negotiate unforeseen situations, adapting to extreme circumstances, dealing with different types of people and solving unexpected problems.

Education, boarding, meals, clothing, and medical care are provided to students from economically deprived tribal areas, free-of-charge.

Every girl at Kedi arrives here by choice.