Kedi is nearing one and a half decade of its existence. The vision and idea that Kedi was started with is now spreading to wider community through our learners. At Kedi, we inspire them to work for their society to progress towards better future together. After getting an opportunity to acquire higher education and professional expertise in many different fields, they are coming back to work within their locale with the intention to uplift their society and retain cultural traits. This is Kedi’s success and our vision turning into reality in some ways.

Kedi in our native language means an uncharted pathway that these first generation Tribal learners are creating with their Footprints to facilitate their Future Generations.

Kedi is a journey into the world of learning: living together, sharing and reflecting, learning social skills through interaction, learning to take independent decisions and acquire many more life skills along with academics. The process is personal and intrinsic to every humans.

At Kedi, we don’t shape the personalities; but unfold their personhood.